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Purpose and Procedures
Performance Based Procurement
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Purpose and Procedures

Program Operational Procedures

A. Program Objective

An applying firm must define in detail the objective of a request and submit a written application with a processing fee.

B. Program Scope

  1. The requesting firm must develop a detailed outline of the Verification scope or request that the Institute develop a verification scope. The applying firm, after agreement to an estimate for such a service, must assume responsibility for funding the program.

  2. If the program involves testing or engineering analysis, the requesting firm must:

§  Identify the standards, if any, which are included;
§  Specify the objectives of the proposed test or analysis;
§  Specify in detail a proposed test methodology; including a list of fixed and variable factors, additional references and the results of prior tests (if the same or similar).

C. Estimate of Program Costs and Completion Dates

The Institute will develop an estimate of program costs and the timeframe necessary to complete a program. A program's cost estimate will include:

  1. Institute Fees (One Time and/or Annual)
  2. Meeting Costs (Travel and Related Costs)
  3. Institute Direct and Indirect Staff Costs
  4. Institute Markup

The participating firm(s) will be apprised of program cost estimates and approve same.

D. Program Approach and Authorization

All proposed programs, or significant revision to a program which exceed authorized dollars or involve a significant schedule delay, will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors or their authorized representative.

E. Program Execution

Each program will be executed as follows:

  1. Once a program is approved by the Board of Directors, a "Contract" may be executed with an outside independent contractor and/or certified test laboratory.

  2. Contract administration and day-to-day contacts with outside contractors, test laboratories and Institute clients will be the primary responsibility of staff.

F. Program Completion

The outside contractor and independent laboratory will be required to identify a specific date for completion of the Program when the contract is executed. The contractor or laboratory must be appraised that failure to meet the date could result in cancellation of the agreement, removal from the Institute resource list and/or forfeiture of payment of fees due, should the Program's delay be due to contractor's or laboratory's failure to perform.

G. Operational Procedures

The attached flow chart represents the operational procedures which will be followed during the verification program.

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