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Shop Standards

Requirements for Standards Verification

  1. General Requirements
    1. Shop standards must be in accordance with the 2005 Third Edition of the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards.
    2. Submittal forms must be completed to indicate all required elements of duct construction. (See prototype Form VFC-1).

      One form is required for each pressure class of construction to be verified. (Note: When tie rods are used as a joint or panel stiffener, separate forms may be required for positive and negative pressures due to the different requirements for tie rod size.)

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    4. Construction details submitted must be taken from the 2005 HVAC-DCS. Details on other methods of construction or those based upon proprietary products (i.e., slip on flange joints) will not be evaluated. (See Table 2-32 and Fig. 2-1.)
    5. Nothing in the verification by the Institute shall be deemed to be an authorization by the Institute for deviation from local code requirements or project specifications.
    6. By implication, a submittal for verification constitutes a declaration of intent to comply with all of the assembly details in the HVAC-DCS (e.g., the sealing requirements of Paragraph S1.9, the joint specification notes for Fig. 2-1 and the fitting reinforcements of S1.16).

  2. Specific Requirements for Rectangular Duct Construction
    1. Duct construction shall be based on G-60 minimum thickness galvanized coating.
    2. Duct panels shall be cross-broken or beaded where required in accordance with Figure 2-9.
    3. Intermediate reinforcements shall have methods of attachment in accordance with Figure 2-12.
    4. The rods and attachment shall be in accordance with Figure 2-5 and Figure 2-6.
    5. Reinforcements on duct pressure classes of (+) 4" wg and over shall have end ties as indicated in Figures 2-10 and 2-12.

  3. Notes
    1. Shop standards are reviewed for structural requirements only.
    2. Other required elements such as crossbreaking/beading, sealing, etc., are the responsibility of the fabricating contractor for compliance.
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