Product Verification

Architects, engineers and building owners are more focused and concerned about quality than ever before. The engineering and design community’s reliance on standards continues to increase. And codes now have more and more impact on construction installations. The SMACNA Testing & Research Institute was created as an impartial organization to ensure that the sheet metal and HVAC materials and products being installed are of the highest caliber and meet accepted industry standards.

The Institute promotes the use of and compliance with SMACNA and other nationally recognized standards, including codes.  In addition, the SMACNA Testing & Research Institute tests proprietary products. Verification of manufacturers’ published performance characteristics for proprietary products is something the industry has needed for years.

The Institute is not a standards developing organization. The tests it performs are intended only for the use of the individuals or organizations retaining the Institute to perform such tests.

By completing the Institute’s Product Verification Program, firms ensure that the materials and products they use are the best and that they meet accepted industry standards.